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leifheit canning jar

What They Are: Specially shaped and decorated glass canning jars from Leifheit.

Why We Like Them: Sure, the traditional round canning jars are fine for everyday canning. But when you want a different, high-style look for open-shelf display or for gift-giving or for serving (such as desserts or salads in a jar), these marquis- or pointed-oval-shaped jars are just the ticket. Fruit and vegetable impressions in the glass add to the eye appeal. The oval shape is very functional, too. It suits the shape of your hand more comfortably, allows more jars to fit into the canning pot at one time, and saves on storage space.

Details: Clear-glass Leifheit Decorative Canning Jars are made in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-cup sizes and come six per set. They are heatproof for water-bath and pressure canning. Dishwasher safe. Extra sealing lids and screw rings are available. A six-jar set of 4-cup, large-mouth jars with lids and rings retails for $30. Available at and

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