A Smart (Cordless) Vacuum


What It Is: The GTech Air Ram is a lithium battery-powered upright vacuum that can be used on all kinds of surfaces: carpets, hardwood floors, tile (except concrete). Cordless  or battery-powered vacuums have been around for 25 years, but most lacked power and extended use.
Why We Like It: No plug to pull, no cord to drag around.  Now you can do nonstop vacuuming in the kitchen and all over the house without stopping to “pull the plug” or untangle a cord. The power strip on the handle shows four green LED indicators when fully charged. This lightweight runs for 40 minutes on a single charge enough to vacuum the entire average house twice.  Its maneuverability and low  3-inch profiles fits under most furniture. The handle rotates at a wide angle for ease of use. Easy to empty the dirt because it compresses into mini bales for  tossing. There are no replacement bags to buy or canister to empty. The filters are washable; for lifetime use it is advised to wash the filters monthly. Filter should be completely dry before reassembled.  The vacuum runs at top performance until it shuts off. The lithium battery takes 4 hours to charge via a USB port (like a cell phone).
Details: The British design G-Tech AirRam cordless upright vacuum cleaner weighs 8 pounds. The lithium battery should be replaced about every 2 years and costs about $80. The vacuum comes with a limited 5-year guarantee. Advised to clean and wash the filters once a month. It should not be used to pick up liquids or used on wet floors. Available exclusively at Brookstone until mid August, then other fine retailers in September. Retails for $350.

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