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What It Is: When you hear the name Java Jig, you might assume it is the latest dance craze or  the latest aerobic exercise. Neither!  JavaJig by Melitta is  a reusable,  single-serve coffee filter system for use with most single-serve … Continue reading

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Gingerbread People

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Layered Shot Drinks

What Is It: Psst! Need the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift? Think about giving the VacuVin Layering Tool.  Pousse-Cafes , the category of layered drinks often served after dinner, are  coming back into fashion. VacuVin helps create the layered … Continue reading

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Roasting Chestnuts

Have you spied them in the produce section of your supermarket? Chestnuts are the “them” we are talking about, one of the few foods that are still available fresh for only a very limited time in late fall and early … Continue reading

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Bake ‘N Take

What It Is: This set of glass baking dishes plus insulated carrier by kitchenware experts Anchor Hocking solves two problems: what to bake your casserole in and how to transport it safely to an away-from-home party, bbq, or picnic. Why … Continue reading

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Slow-Cooker Ginger Winter Squash

All pots are in use and not an available stovetop burner to be had, so goes the kitchen congestion at Thanksgiving time. What’s a cook to do? Cook the winter squash in the slow-cooker. It accomplishes several things: cooks the … Continue reading

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Seeding a pomegranate

Vibrant pomegranates can brighten and add tart-sweet flavor to  all kinds of foods, from appetizers to desserts. We like this method best for getting the seeds out of the whole fruit. It’s easy and mess-free. 7 Simple Steps to Seeding … Continue reading

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Resting On Your Laurels

What It Is: This is harvest season when we scurry to assemble all the equipment needed for roasting the holiday bird. One item that is recommend is a roasting rack. PREPARA offers  a new twist on a rack: a  bendable, … Continue reading

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I Also Love Cinnamon Rolls

By Jan Cinnamon rolls are a childhood favorite of mine. My mother would make them for us but use muffin-pan vs. a baking pan. I watched as she rolled out the dough, spread it with softened butter, then sprinkled on … Continue reading

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Curtis Stone Pop-Out Loaf Pan

What It Is: Celebrated chef Curtis Stone has come up with a unique loaf-shaped pan (along with a muffin pan and several other baking pans) that takes baking to a new easier-than-ever–and even fun–level. With steel sides and bottom, the … Continue reading

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