CDN Solar Thermometer

CDN solar thermometer

What It Is: A better-than-ever digital instant-read thermometer, made by leading thermometer-maker CDN. What makes it better? No battery required.

Why We Like It: Up until now, digital thermometers have required a battery or two or three to operate. This hand-held, easy-to-use thermometer powers up simply by leaving it on a counter to catch room light or in indirect sunlight. It takes 90 minutes to reach full power by room light, 30 minutes using indirect sunlight. We like how you simply shake it to turn it on, and that it powers off automatically after 1 minute of non-use. A long 5-inch stainless stem or probe is suited even for large roasts, poultry, bowls of dough, or a large pan of tempering chocolate. The temperature read-out is large for easy reading. Like all instant-read thermometers, it can be used during cooking on top of the stove but should not be used inside an oven, microwave, or grill. Its temperature range is not high enough for candy-making.

Details: The CDN Solar Thermometer (DTS392) with stainless-steel housing is 9 inches long in total, with a 5-inch probe and tapered tip for fast, accurate reading from -19 to +392 degrees F. Charges up in 90 minutes under room light for 10 minutes of total usage, 30 minutes under indirect sunlight for 20 minutes of total usage. Auto-off after 1 minute. Water resistant and shatterproof. Includes a protective sheath with a pocket clip. Retails for $30. Available at

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