Cordless Hand Blender

KitchenAid hand blender

What It Is: This small electric by KitchenAid is a Lithium-battery version of corded hand blenders which celebrity chefs popularized in recent years for pureeing soups, whipping egg whites or cream, and making emulsified foods such as mayonnaise and hollandaise.

Why We Like It: One of the drawbacks of traditional hand blenders (also called stick or immersion  blenders) has been the power cord. It has a tendency to get in the way while you’re working, or not be long enough to let you work over a stove. Also, there have been cordless hand blenders on the market for some time, but they’ve lacked power. It comes with two guards: bell or pan to protect  the blades when not in use.   The  bell guard protects the blade when not  is use  and   the pan guard to protect cookware while using the hand blender. Finally, the answer to our dreams. This KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender is not only cordless, it has amazing—and long lasting—power. It provides enough power to do heavy-duty jobs such as pureeing a large pot of cooked vegetables or mincing meat or chopping carrots or making baby food. Another acid test: whipping fat free milk. Using the froth/beater blade attachment, it turns as little as a 1/2-cup of fat free milk into perfect, delicate froth for cappuccino in under a minute; with the whisk attachment, it whips the milk to stiff peaks in under 2 minutes. The five interchangeable attachments for different functions including shredding and chopping make it the ultimate in versatility and well worth a higher price. In addition, this model is easy to use, lightweight, and the speed and pulse controls are easy to operate with one hand, left or right.

Details: The KitchenAid Pro Line Series 5-Speed Hand Blender (Model KHB 3581) comes with a rechargeable 12-volt Lithium-ion battery; a charger base and plug-in adapter; 8- and 13-inch blending arms, and five attachments (S-blade for blending, crushing, pureeing; star blade for shredding and mincing; frother/beater for frothing and mixing batters; whisk for whipping, emulsifying, and aerating; and chopper for cutting up vegetables, cheese, nuts, and herbs. Save for a 4-cup blending pitcher and the chopping attachment, the blender and accessories all stow handily in a storage case. Available in candy apple red, white, black, and sugar pearl silver. All attachments but the whisk adapter and chopper adapter are dishwasher safe. Retails for $300 at or

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