Cuinisart Ice Cream & Gelato Maker


What It Is: An electric ice cream maker that has its own compressor (no bowl to freeze in advance) and can make about 5 cups of  homemade ice cream, gelato, sherbet, or sorbet from Cuisinart.

Why We Like It: Who does not like ice cream or the Italian version–gelato?  Ice cream is Americas’ favorite dessert and  can be made it at home more easily than ever.  There is no bowl to pre-freeze. Just pour your chilled ice cream mixture into the churning bowl, insert the appropriate paddle (depending on if making gelato or ice cream) and cover, set the timer, and flip the switch. The compressor in the unit does the rest. If you want add-ins (nuts, chips, or crushed candy), part of the clear plastic cover lifts open for sprinkling in  sweet additions. When churning is completed the unit beeps three times. If ice cream is not removed , it will go into Keep Cool mode for 10 minutes.  Realistically eating soft churned ice cream, before hardening, IS the reason to make it homemade. Granted, like all special-use appliances, you need a place to store the machine when not in use, but it gives you creamy, smooth results every time.

Details:  Cuisinart Ice Cream & Gelato Maker ICE-100 measures 16x12x9 inches and makes about 5 cups (1 quart plus) ice cream, gelato, sherbet, or sorbet. Comes with two plastic paddles for ice cream or gelato/sorbet. The anodized aluminum mixing bowl lifts out for ease of serving ice cream and for  cleaning of the bowl. The bowl should be hand washed. Operate the ice cream maker on a flat surface and  with good air circulation,  not crowded on a work surface nor under a wall cabinet. Retails for $300. Available at Williams Sonoma and

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