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What It Is: Making your own spice mixture is becoming popular because it puts you in total control: You make it fresh and mix the blend of seasonings to suit your taste. The Chef Pro Wet & Dry Grinder does the job quickly, and much more. It grinds dry goods such as nuts, seeds, or coffee beans to powdery texture. It does the same with wet ingredients to whirl up hummus,  guacamole, pestos, etc.

Why We Like It: Think of this as a mini-me blender for household use, with incredible versatility. The 12-ounce blending cup fits on a powerful 350-watt motor base, with a strong stainless steel blade for chopping (careful, it is sharp). A clear plastic cover provides visibility to view the grinding or chopping. The stainless steel in the cup is inert, preventing carry-over flavors from grinding to grinding. For instance, coffee beans do not pick up chile flavor from a prior grinding of hot chilies. We also love how well it performs for both dry ingredients, such as herbs and spices, and wet, such as salsas and sauces. Lovers of flax seed and other hard grains take note: Chef Pro grinds them easily as well.  For safety, the unit will not turn on unless the cover is lined up and locked in. Food should not be pulsed longer than 20 seconds at a time. The instruction booklet includes suggested times required for grinding different foods. Scrape out food with a silicone spatula.

Details: The Chef Pro Wet & Dry Grinder has three speeds: low, high and pulse. The 12-ounce stainless-steel cup and plastic cover are dishwater safe on the top rack. The motor is 350-watt.  Comes with a one-year limited warranty. Retails for $65 to $70 at or


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