iCoffee by Remington

remington steam brew

What It Is: The iCoffee by Remington is a stylish electric coffee pot that brews coffee using a dramatically different and innovative SteamBrew technology.

Why We Like It: Coffee lovers take notice. A cuppa java made in the automatic iCoffee tastes divine: full-bodied, rich in flavor, low in acid, and sans bitterness. It is that simple. Unlike a drip coffeemaker that sprinkles water over the coffee grounds, the patented brewing system first pre-steams the grounds, then uses hot water jets that further steam and swirl the grounds. Using a see-through window in the front of the machine, you can actually view the jets in action. With its fine-mesh, reusable filter, there is no need for paper filters; simply clean under cold running water or on the top shelf of your dishwasher. The efficiency of this coffee-making process means you will use about 15% less ground coffee than in drip machines. An extra uplift: this machine lulls you at the start and finish of the brewing process by playing a few bars from Mozart’s “A Little Night Music;” (there is a muting option).

Details: The iCoffee by Remington is a fully automatic electric, containing six rotational hot water jets, a brew-viewing window, reusable filter, and 12-cup glass carafe. It features a 24-hour digital clock, programmable timer, and auto shut-off with 2-hour keep-warm. A little crema or coffee essence may settle in the bottom of your coffee cup. An additional filter that can be positioned on the top of the glass carafe will filter this out if you prefer. Filters and carafe are dishwasher safe on the top shelf. Black plastic with chrome accents. Suggested retail: $170. Available at amazon.com.

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