Kuhn Rikon Watermelon Knife

What It Is: A large, extra-long (11-inch) knife with a microserrated blade specially designed to cut through tough melon rind and cleanly slice the juicy, delicate flesh.

Why We Like It: If you’ve ever wrangled with how to cut a humungous whole watermelon (and we’re among you) or even the newer mini varieties, Kuhn Rikon’s new Watermelon Knife makes the task both feasible, fun, and much safer. First of all, we love the design and color–with a rose-red blade and protective sheath, and green handle, there’s no question what this knife is supposed to be used for. Next, we love how well it performs. The nonstick coating and small seed-shaped holes in the blade let it slide smoothly through both rind and flesh. And it’s just as handy for cutting other melons–cantaloupe, honeydews, casabas, etc.

Details: The 11-inch knife is made of high-quality carbon-steel with a multi-serrated, ultra-sharp blade. Seed-shaped holes and a nonstick red coating also help cut melon smoothly and release easily. Ergonomically shaped matte plastic handle. A protective sheath protects the blade for easy and safe storage. Dishwasher safe. Available at williams-sonoma.com for $25.

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