Meet the GadgetGals

Welcome all cookware, gadget, and food lovers!

GadgetGals is our name. Scouting out great and fun kitchen gear for you is our game.

Meet the GadgetGals

Nancy Byal and Jan Turner Hazard spread the word about kitchen gear through magazine and newspaper articles, cooking classes, media appearances, special events, and now the world-wide web.

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At, you will learn how to be a savvy kitchenware consumer with the happy result that you will save time and have more fun cooking. We are a sponsor-free source of information about all kinds of kitchenware.

On this site, you will find:

*Objective advice about buying and using kitchen tools, cookware, and small appliances. We have no association with any manufacturers, so you can trust that our views are independent and unbiased. *Easy and delicious recipes that show you how to get the most out of your kitchen gear to make cooking easier and more fun
*Time-saving cooking tips and techniques
*Sources where you can buy great kitchen gear
*….and more (For starters, take the Trivia Time challenge.)

How We Acquire, Test, and Review Products

We are members of professional culinary and journalistic organizations, including the Assn. of Food Journalists, and we follow the codes of ethics of these national organizations. After all, as independent reviewers, our integrity and credibility are on the line. GadgetGals guidelines for developing information for this webiste include the following:

1. We are committed to reporting, testing, and reviewing products accurately and as objectively as possible.

2. Most products considered for our stories are obtained either by the manufacturer sending us a new product for consideration or by GadgetGals making a request to the manufacturer. They send these products at no charge with the understanding that GadgetGals is under no obligation to test, review, mention, or feature the product in our stories. In a few cases, we purchase products outright to review.

3. Nan and Jan each test the products independent of one another in our home kitchens, using professional standards of evaluation. Some of the criteria that we use to evaluate products include quality of construction, ease of use, ease of cleaning, versatility, durability, and value.

4. After products are tested, they take one of three paths. Some are donated to local charities for fund raising. Some are returned to the manufacturer per their request. And some become part of our tool library. Retaining products in our libraray allows us to reevaluate, retest, and compare similar products as new information becomes available, and new models or brands are introduced to the market.

We are continually adding and updating the information on this website. If you need help about kitchenware, Contact Us and we’ll help you out.

What People are Saying About the GadgetGals!

“Nancy and Jan represent two of the most knowledgeable people in the kitchenware industry. Not only do they have a long culinary history and therefore a perspective to offer, but with their combined resources, they are on top of the latest trends and new products. They are a formidable duo.”
Gretchen Holt, OXO Media Relations Director

“Jan and Nancy are the dynamic duo. The synergy created by the GadgetGals combined experience gives their readers a wealth of culinary information.”
Doralece Dullaghan, Corporate Promotions Manager, Sur la Table

“I can’t think of two smarter women who understand cooking and can vet the efficacy of kitchen gadgets better than GadgetGals Jan Hazard and Nancy Byal. Their combined experience as food editors at some of the nation’s top magazines have given them unique insight, wisdom and context to comment with intelligence on the kitchenware category.”
Sandra Hu, Principal, Sandra Hu Food Marketing LLC.

“With their vast years of test kitchen experience, GadgetGals Nancy Byal and Jan Hazard can be relied on to know all about the latest in kitchen tools and gadgets.”
Michele Scicolone, cooking teacher and cookbook author

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