GadgetGals spied these fun new grilling tools at the 2010 Housewares Show in Chicago. The products are so new we’ve not been able to get them in for testing yet. But they are made by companies with outstanding reputations for performance and quality, so we feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Charcoal Companion:
Steak Station is a multi-task meat thermometer that monitors up to four different steaks simultaneously to four different donenesses.

Crate and Barrel:
The specially designed Marshmallow Fork makes grill-roasting marshmallows for s’mores easy and fun.


16-inch-long, stainless steel New Skewer consists of 9 prongs for spearing food individually, for instant access to any item on the skewer. Flat rod and squared prongs keep food from spinning. Stay-cool handle. ($10)

Handsome steak knives are only $5 each; stow in plastic sheaths; 4 colors.



Give frozen or homemade meatballs that outdoorsy grilled flavor using a meatball basket; 12 indentations hold the meatballs in place for easy turning. ($20)

Outset: The easiest way to grill mini burgers or sliders? A burger slider basket. Holds 9 sliders. ($15)


Stunning teak cutting boards, including a meat board with channels for catching juices, are made from renewable teak forests on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Best buy is 3/4 inch thick board for around $30, but depending on size and style prices go up to $180. 12-inch round shown, $60.

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue:
Creme Brulee Grill kit is a first of its kind. After baking the individual creme brulees in the oven, you make the hard candy crust using a grill-heated cast-iron salamander. Kit includes two cast-iron ramekins, the salamander, and recipe card. ($30)

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