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wusthof bread knife

What It Is: Lovers of crusty, Euro-style breads, take notice. Simply put, this is the better bread knife. The Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife from premier German knife maker Wusthof is newly designed to make for easier, cleaner, more versatile slicing. It recently won the 2014 Housewares Design Awards for “Best in Category” for Cutlery and “Bronze” for the “Best of the Best.”

Why We Like It: We’ve made more than our share of crumbly messes trying to slice hard-crusted, breads. So if this knife can slice cleanly, and no more, we’d consider it a winner. In our testing, it cut those breads as hoped—with little crumbing—time and again. Decidedly sharper than other bread knives (handle it with care), this knife delivers multiple advantages due to its unique two levels of sharp serrations on the blade. You can also consider this more than a bread knife. It clean-slices both delicate foods, such as angel and chiffon cakes, and tough-skinned foods, such as melons and tomatoes. And we found that you can make thinner slicers of food more easily than ever. The inner serrations never touch cutting surfaces, leaving the blade sharper longer. Consider this quality knife a good investment that will last you for years of slicing.

Details: The 9-inch blade of the Wusthof Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife (model 4152/23) is made from a single piece of patented high-carbon, stain resistant metal alloy. It’s quality style includes a full tang with triple riveted handle. The newly designed handle is made of a durable synthetic material called Polyoymethylene (POM) that resists fading and discoloration. Made in Germany. Hand washing recommended. Suggested retail: $145. Available at

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