Splatter Guard


What It Is: Truth be told, cooking almost always requires wiping up some drips and splatters.  Cleaning up the stove just got easier when you use Kuhn Rikon Foldable Splatter guard for your cooking needs.

Why We Like It: Regardless how careful you are when cooking on the stove,  inevitability splatters occur. A splatter guard reduces the mess.  There are many versions and brands, but we paticularly like the Kukon Rikon Splatter Guard because it is made of heatproof silicone and folds in half.  Why foldable? When cooking, you can lift one side to add ingredients or stir the food, further keeping spatters down. Silicone can handle temperatures to 450 degrees F.  When not using the splatter guard for the stove top, it works in the microwave as well. After cooking, the guard folds and locks for compact  storage.

Details: The Kuhn Rikon Splatter Guard is available in two sizes: 10- or 12-inch for $16 or $20 depending on size.  Comes in three colors: red, green or black. Is dishwasher safe. Available at www.amazon.com

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