Strawberry Slicester

What It Is: The Chef’n Strawberry Slicester is an inexpensive hand-held device that cuts fresh strawberries into very thin, even slices lickety split. No batteries or electric cord needed.

Why We Like It: When you need a bowlful or more of strawberries for shortcake or jam or for freezing, this is the way to go. In 10 minutes you can do several quarts of fruit thinner and more evenly than you can do with a knife. For most berries, you can squeeze the handles with one hand. Extra large strawberries may need to be halved first and require using both hands. The sturdy, multi-bladed cutting surface is made of stainless steel blades, not wires, so the slices come out perfectly thin and even like chefs would do, and berries are never squashed. Same goes for mushrooms.

Details: The Chef’n Slicester body is made of sturdy plastic with stainless steel cutting blades. Available in white with red trim or all red for $15. Can be ordered at

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