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A Smart (Cordless) Vacuum

What It Is: The GTech Air Ram is a lithium battery-powered upright vacuum that can be used on all kinds of surfaces: carpets, hardwood floors, tile (except concrete). Cordless  or battery-powered vacuums have been around for 25 years, but most … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Scrub

What It Is: Sure, it’s yellow like spaghetti, thin like spaghetti, but made from inedible corn cobs and peach pits. Spaghetti Scrub, as it’s called, is a different kind of kitchen pot scrubber.

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Dish Drying Mat

What It Is: No more need to put down dish towels when hand washing pans and dishes. Cushiony and microfiber-covered, The Original Dish Drying Mat soaks up water while protecting delicate dishes. It can lay on the counter all by … Continue reading

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Splatter Guards

With sauteed burgers, chops and chicken breasts today’s quick-cooking staples on weekly menus, it’s about time splatter guards have come to save the day on clean-up. Best-selling Circulon, All-Clad, and OXO brands of guards reduce cooktop splatters up to 90%, … Continue reading

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