Vacu Vin Instant Pickler






What It Is:In a pickle? Now you can make small batches of pickles in no time with the VacuVin Instant Pickler. Homemade pickles are very popular. Select the food you want to pickle and get chopping.

Why We Like It: Most classic pickle recipes take days to prep. Not with this device. Extracting the air out of the VacuVin container opens up the pores (cells) of the food, making flavor pickles in about 4 hours.

Pickles of all sorts are the rage at the moment for a variety of reasons, including their health benefits, flavor intensity, and variety. All kinds of food lend themselves to pickling: fruits, vegetables, even eggs. Start by combining the pickling ingredients, a mixture of brine (vinegar and seasonings) and fruits or vegetables in the VacuVin pickling container. (Note: if your brine is cooked first, then cool it before covering and vacuum-sealing). Cover with the lid, and use the vacuum pump provided to remove the air and create a vacuum. Refrigerate the pickles for a few hours or overnight for fuller flavor. To eat, release the pressure knob atop the lid by wiggling it to one side to remove the air pressure, open the top and pickles are ready-to-eat. To keep making more pickles, transfer the newly made pickles into a clean jar and begin anew with the instant pickler. Refrigerator pickles have a crisp crunchy texture. We’ve included a recipe for making homemade Watermelon Pickles so you can see how easy this device is to use.

Details: The VacuVin Instant Pickling set includes a 1.2-quart clear plastic  container, the Vacu valve airtight lid,  a vacuum  pump, and recipe booklet. When not pickling, the set can be used to marinate foods. Hand washing recommended.  Retails for $25. Available at


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