Zyliss Lettuce Knife

What It Is: A lightweight, food-safe plastic, angled knife with a serrated blade that is designed to evenly cut lettuce while preventing the cut edges from browning.

Why We Like It: Yes, it’s called a lettuce knife and cuts the stuff, especially soft leaf lettuces, fast and easily. But we actually like it even better for how cleanly it cuts sticky or gooey foods, such as brownies and bar cookies, lasagne and baked casseroles, pies, and multi-layered desserts. Since it’s plastic, you can use it on nonstick cookware without ruining the finish. Safe for kids to use  because there is no sharp blade. Incredibly cheap and easy to store, too.

Details: Twelve inches in length including the curved, ergonomic-shaped handle. Made of solid, hard plastic. Serrated cutting edge. Safe on nonstick cookware and top-shelf dishwasher-safe. Zyliss Lettuce Knife is available in  leaf green, yellow or red for $5 @ amazon.com

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